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Possessed by the Christmas spirit and desperate to attract my people with an irresistible plan, I prepared this version of the classic Ocamotcho (A Spanish student 101 drinking game) and it was very successful. But...this was 2019 and then, the pandemic arrived..

Given that I would only be able to play it with mi partner for a long time and that life was treating us all very badly, I decided to share it here so that you can print it too and play it at home.

So roll a dice, get your sangría bottle, your sorrows, the blanket... and get drunk with your parents, your buddy, your grandmother or whoever you have by your side.  It's drinking time! 


El juego consiste en, por turnos, tirar los dados e ir superando las pruebas o cumpliendo las normas que indica cada casilla. Además de las instrucciones de las casillas, encontraásr notas explicativas en el marco del tablero.

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